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  • Originals

    This dye range offers 36 beautiful colours which are chemically based & complete. Colourfast, safe & easy to use with high dyebath exhaustion. Suitable for the experienced dyer or first time dyer who is after a user friendly product with a wide and diverse range of applications.

  • Bush Blends

    Bush blends consist of 26 beautiful pastel shades which can be used on all protein fibres. Economical & compatible with Gaywool Originals they are suitable for the experienced fibre artist or the first time dyer.

  • Lanasets

    Lanasets deep rich colours which can be easily mixed together make it a very valuable addition to the dyers workshop/studio. They have excellent washfast qualities on wool and can be used to dye all polyamide fibres such as wool, silk, mohair, alpaca, angora & nylon.


    Gaywool offers a range of acid dyes which consist of an economical & predominately metal free dye range. These bright & deep colours have been selected for their high quality fastness properties, their total dye penetration & high dyebath exhaustion.


    A Bright intense colour range of 30 colours. Quick & easy to use all in one dyes with no additional chemical to add. Predominately metal free. High quality fastness properties. Total dye penetration and high dyebath exhaustion.


Inspired by the beautiful colours of Tasmania ,

Gaywool have created a diverse selection of colours suitable for the experienced fibre artist or those who are just beginning their creative journey.

Gaywool Originals & Bush Blends are high quality dyes, quick & easy to use with a wide palette of colours.

We also introduce the well known Lanaset Dye Range with their deep rich colours proving a popular choice of many fibre craft dyers.

Additionally to diversify, we have selected a range of acid dyes which include the brighter colours such as Flavine & Rhodamine. We also add a selection of greens, yellows, blues & reds which are brilliant on long haired wools such as alpaca, mohair & Angora.

Bay of Fires
Tasmanian Rain Forests
Tulips in the North West Coast