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Acid Dyes for Protein Fibres

Directions for Immersion Dyeing - Stove Top Method


These directions are based on dyeing 500gms fibre. (1lb 1.50z)

Weigh fibre & record weight. Wet fibre thoroughly in warm water. Measure dye (using recommended rates below) and dissolve with boiling water. Using a stainless steel or enamel pot for the dyebath, fill with 10 litres (2.5gallons) water. Gradually heat dye bath to simmer.

Add to dyebath, 35gms (1.2oz) citric acid, 20gms glaubers salts, 10mls Lyogen NH. Stir & mix well. (If using vinegar in place of citric acid, we recommend you use 200ml of white distilled vinegar). Add to dyebath & stir.

Add fibre to the dyebath, soak for approximately 10 minutes and gently turn the fibre regularly to avoid unevenness. After this, gradually raise the temperature to boiling(100C/212F).

Keep at boiling for a further 10-15 minutes for lighter shades, and up to 30-45minutes for darker shades.

When this is completed, remove fibre and rinse in warm water & air dry. Please note that dyeing of silk at lower temperatures results in a deeper penetration of dye. We therefore recommend that silk is not dyed at boiling point but is kept to a temperature of 80C/176F.

Recommended dye quantities based on 500gms/(1lb & 1.5oz fibre).

Pale shadeMedium shadeHeavy Shade

Please note that some shades such as Flavine, Rhodamine & Fluro Green only require a small amount of dye to reach a medium shade. We recommend that you experiment & record your results when using these dyes if you intend to duplicate colours. Stock solutions should be considered to save you time & increase your accuracy in measuring smaller dye quantities.