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Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes

Acid dyes for Protein Fibres. High qualitity,brilliant and bright colours.

Gaywool offers a range of acid dyes which consist of an economical & predominately metal free dye range. These bright & deep colours have been selected for their high quality fastness properties, their total dye penetration & high dyebath exhaustion. Suitable for long haired wool, alpaca, mohair & angora. Brilliant on silk & silk blends, also on nylon. Use vinegar or citric acid as your acid component, add to the dyebath to establish the optimum ph level of 4.5-5. Additionally, Lyogen NH & Glaubers salts are added to aid levelling.

Please note that some shades such as Flavine, rhodamine & fluro green only require a small amount of dye to reach a medium shade. We recommend that you experiment and record your results when using these dyes. It is very important when duplicating colours to have accurate weights & measurements. Stock solutions are highly recommended to save time and to assist with accuracy in measuring.

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